Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe

HUMANE Spring Seminar, University of Padova (IT), March 23-24, 2023

Bridging the past and future: developing the next generation of 21st century university leaders

Hosted by the University of Padova

As the demands of policy makers on higher education become ever more insistent.

As the communities served by universities urge them to demonstrate their relevance visibly.

And as universities’ societal role becomes more diverse and complex, leadership and management capability and capacity, has become a central preoccupation of their organisational development.

With a line-up of speakers from across Europe, our Spring seminar will explore the big issues and challenges in leadership development, share institutional practice, and provoke participants’ thinking about how to improve their leadership development strategies and practices.

As well as heads of administration and directors of HR, our seminar will be relevant to anyone engaged in organisational development, including directors and heads of organisational development, strategy, finance and strategic planning.

Programme and speakers