Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe

Membership Benefits

Membership to HUMANE is a highly cost-effective way for your university to stay up-to-date on key issues and trends in higher education, as well as to exchange and learn from senior university leaders and managers with first-hand experience of the ever changing challenges and opportunities in the sector.

We offer member universities a dynamic international community of high-level senior leaders and managers of professional services in the wider Europe and beyond, the opportunity to expand professional networks, to develop institutional partnerships, and to find new ways to make a strong impact in your institution and in higher education.

We connect top leaders of professional services in our member universities with their colleagues, for good practice sharing and unique senior level professional networking: our membership includes Heads of Administration, Registrars, Directors General, Vice-Presidents Operations, Chief Financial Officers, Senior managers and staff from professional services find a unique space to connect with these top leaders, experienced professionals and specialists to work on the contemporary governance, leadership and operational management of universities.

We offer significant opportunities for professional development and personal growth for the next steps in your career, to stay current with your skills, develop new skills and the expertise required to succeed in a career in professional services. Our flagship Winter and Summer Schools provide outstanding immersive development opportunities to ambitious future leaders.

We operate in English, yet languages should not be a deterrent to become a member nor to attend our events. We are an open community always striving to offer a safe space for colleagues to express themselves openly and share their experiences with senior colleagues.

A brand new opportunity:

Seek a personalised and free HUMANE consultation – Expand your international partnerships and connections:

  • Are you looking to find new partner universities and/or contacts among HUMANE member universities and beyond?
  • Are you seeking to explore institutional collaborations for new education or research projects?
  • Would you like to talk to a colleague from another university or higher education system, for example on their approach to sustainability, change management, student recruitment, talent management or funding issues?
  • Would you like to explore opportunities for senior/middle management staff exchange and shadowing with another university in HUMANE and another HE system?

Whilst we cannot guarantee to deliver all you might request, we can advise and help you make the connections; do get in touch with our Director General Nadine Burquel.

A consultation can be in English or your native language for which we will do our utmost to help you. The Secretariat can work in several languages and so do our governance bodies.