Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe

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Driving professional excellence

HUMANE, the Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe is an international association whose aims are to build global networks, to foster innovation in higher education services and to drive professional excellence in higher education management.  Uniquely, HUMANE supports both the professional development of current executive leaders within the HE sector as well as organisational development through the provision of programmes to promising senior staff.  

Building global networks

Membership of HUMANE provides a cost-effective means to:

  • expand your professional networks both locally and internationally,
  • continually develop the skills and expertise that you need to succeed,
  • stay up-to-date on key issues and trends,
  • have the opportunity to work with HE leaders who have first-hand experience of the ever-changing challenges within HE.  

Who can join HUMANE?

Click here  to read the details about HUMANE’s membership rules.  But in summary, all Higher Education Institutions are eligible for HUMANE Membership provided they:

  • are a sustainable institution, i.e., in receipt of direct public funding or have been in operation uninterruptedly for five years; 
  • deliver tertiary level HE degree programmes meeting national quality assurance policies and standards the Bologna cycles (Bachelor, Master, PHD levels).
  • HUMANE also accepts membership of national associations focusing on higher education.

Who is the member?

The institution is the member; member institutions are required to appoint a person as their permanent representative.

This person is an appropriate senior management staff. We are flexible as to who this is but they will normally be the person who has some significant responsibility for administrative affairs in the university. Their title will vary depending on the institution, but may be Head of Administration, Registrar, Secretary-General, Chancellor, Director of Administration, Chief Operating Officer or Vice-President, for example.

Once the membership is set up, the appointed person can nominate other colleagues to be added to the members mailing list – for details about this check: here

How to join

Please complete this application form. Your application will then be reviewed by the HUMANE Board for review and approval. The HUMANE Secretariat will contact you once a decision has been made.

How much is membership?

Membership is €495 per calendar year.

Institutions who send participants to either the Winter School, Summer School, Asia Pacific or Transnational Partnerships School pay a €100 surcharge (regardless of the number of participants) to help fund the Residential School Alumni Network.