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The Transnational Partnerships School

Transnational partnership developments and delivery

Specific goals 

The Transnational Partnerships School develops the leadership capability of senior managers involved in leading or advising on large-scale international strategic partnerships between universities and other partners.  For more information about the background of the School click: here


Thematic Sessions on major trends in global higher education such as the apparent shift eastwards, and implications for ‘partnership’ strategy in universities 

Case studies of collaborative, strategic partnerships; success factors, overcoming barriers

Exercising leadership, collaboration and communication skills around case studies to persuade and engage institutions to embark on a cross-cultural ‘change journey’

Programme themes 

The Southeast region shows a great diversity of public and private initiatives. These are developed in the context of institutional strategies for internationalisation, and they are set in the context of national (and EU) agreements to pursue national and global agendas.

Developing talent and cutting-edge global research is on every university’s agenda. Transnational partnerships have become key drivers to solve the grand challenges of our times and contribute to Sustainable Developing Goals: climate change, dealing with the energy challenges, sustainable communities, poverty alleviation or healthy living.

Transnational partnerships take multiple forms and the programme will cover these, looking at the following themes:

  • From transactional to transformational initiatives: strategic partnerships between institutions; educational partnerships (collaborative degree programmes, non-degree mobility); joint research partnerships; international branch campuses
  • Geopolitical changes and trends, and their impact on global higher education
  • The impact of cultural issues governing decision-making processes in relation to transnational partnerships
  • Institutional brand positioning in relation to transnational partnerships
  • Student engagement in transnational partnerships 
  • Managing cross-cultural quality and regulatory compliance in transnational partnerships

Programme delivery 

The School components are delivered through strategic conversations with highly experienced leaders and managers in higher education, practical casework and highly interactive team building sessions.  

Throughout the week participants work with peers from other institutions appraising the strategy and the lived experiences of case institutions.

School Fee

The fee for the week-long programme will be announced along with details of the next edition. It will include fees for tuition, all documentation and accommodation in a hotel during the programme but excludes travel costs. Non HUMANE Members may apply if they meet the following criteria: they are from a higher education institution that delivers degree programmes in at least two of the three Bologna cycles (BA, MA, doctorate). The Secretariat will apply the correct rate.

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