Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe


Applications for membership shall be addressed to the Board of Directors. Applying for membership implies approval and automatic endorsement of the aims of the Association, its Articles of Association, and Internal Regulations.

HUMANE Members are tertiary level higher education institutions recognised in their country and whose membership application has been accepted by the Board of Directors. They can also be national associations either representing HEIs in a country or be active in higher education.

All members must have a legal personality in accordance with the laws and customs of their country. Members shall have all the rights pertaining to their status, including the right to vote within the limits determined by the Internal Regulations. Members are required to appoint a person as their permanent representative to carry out this mandate in the name and on behalf of the legal entity. This person is normally somebody with significant responsibility for administrative affairs in the university.

The Board of Directors reserves itself the right to request additional information from applicants, after reviewing information provided by the applicant and possibly by third parties about institutional circumstances and the higher education system of the applicant’s country.

Sitting Members are members elected by and among the Members (in accordance with the internal regulations) who sit in the General Assembly for a renewable term of three years. Sitting Members have the right to vote in the General Assembly. Every member institution has the right to become Sitting Member according to the Internal Regulations, except national higher education associations.

Exclusion of a Member

If a member acts against the aims of the Association, this member may, on the proposal of the Board of Directors or at the request of another member, be subject to an exclusion order.

The exclusion of a member is decided by the General Assembly; in duly justified urgent cases, the Board of Directors may pronounce a suspension measure of a Member, until the decision is taken at the first following General Assembly.