Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe


Esa Hämäläinen

Esa Hämäläinen holds the position of Director of Administration at the University of Helsinki since 2011. He serves as the Secretary General of the Helsinki University Board and is a Executive Team member of both the University and University Group. He is in charge of Helsinki University Services, consolidated administrative services at central and local level. He has a 30 year experience of university administration and university-related business. Prior to the current position he has worked in leadership and management positions at two art universities and also at at the University of Helsinki. Esa is Master of Social Sciences from Helsinki. His expertise cover higher education, research and employer policy, higher education steering, public and private sector governance, professionalisation of services, corporate services, organisational transformations.

Throughout his career Esa has been internationally active, having been earlier in his career a member of the EAIR and EARMA and the steering group of the HUMANE Winter School Alumni Network. For six years he was actively involved in the governing of IMHE at the OECD both as the Finnish University Delegate and the member of IMHE Bureau. For ten years he has served as an internationalisation expert for the German Rectors’ Conference. In HUMANE Esa took part in the Winter School in 2002, and he has been a full member since 2008 and on the Executive committee since 2012.

Contact Esa: chairman(at)humane.eu

Strategy Consultant

Ian Creagh

After serving 10 years as King’s College London’s Senior Vice-president Operations & College Secretary, Ian now holds a portfolio of roles including Strategy Consultant for HUMANE.  Prior to King’s, he held similar chief operating officer roles at City University London and before that, the University of Adelaide.  The first part of his career was in the Australian Public Service where he rose early on to become a member of the Senior Executive Service.  Ian is also an experienced non-executive having served on the Board of King’s Health Partners, the Council of Governors of an NHS Foundation Trust, and the audit committee of the British Academy.

Contact Ian: strategyconsultant(at)humane.eu

Residential Schools Director

Nadine Burquel

Nadine is director of the HUMANE residential schools, the Winter School, the Summer School and the Transnational Partnerships School for senior managers of professional services in universities. She has been directing these schools in other contexts previously, being on the first committee founding the Winter School in 2003, and invovled in the early stages of setting up HUMANE in the mid-nineties.

In other contexts Nadine is international expert in higher education with close to 30 years experience, specialising in EU education policies and programmes; internationalisation, higher education strategy governance and leadership, quality assurance, enterpreneurship, innovation, both at system and institutional level. She has significant experience with the management of large EU (framework) contracts, evaluations, studies, policy analysis, capacity building and technical assistance. She was involved in several high level EU policy dialogues such as with Australia and Mexico.

While director of business school services in EFMD, a membership association of some 900 business schools in 90+ countries worlwide she nurtured multiple networks of professionals (deans, study programme directors, career services, external relations, executive education) and was EU policy director. In EFMD and other higher education associations she initiated large (EU-funded) university networks and projects on the modernisation of higher education, engaging with executive boards, steering committees and stakeholders’ groups. She has a strong track record of international work in the wider Europe, in South East Asia, Australia, the US and Canada, the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, Russia and Latin America.

Contact Nadine: schools(at)humane.eu

HUMANE Secretariat

Tim Evans

With over 20 years in the higher education field Tim brings to HUMANE his extensive experience in management, including financial management, membership, IT and EU project management. 

He is the Network Administrator of the HUMANE network since 1997. In this role he is responsible for overall coordination (membership services; board and general assembly; events organisation and financial management of the association).

Tim has a strong track record of contract and financial management (including audits) of complex EU projects, consultancy and technical assistance, mainly but not exclusively in Europe, working with the European Commission, project partners, consultancy companies and third parties worldwide.

 Contact Tim: secretariat(at)humane.eu

Cecilia Heidelberger

Cecilia has significant experience in the field of EU Higher Education and culture gained through EU project support and coordination tasks and the organisation of international events.

Since March 2020 she is coordinating the three HUMANE Residential Schools. Previously she coordinated these three schools under EFMD.

EU projects in which Cecilia has recently been involved are amongst others: Adult Learning country updates Luxembourg and France (DG Employment): Support with different studies on adult education in Luxembourg ; DG Education and Culture Network of Education Experts (all educational levels); EU University-Business Forum; She also carried out some research for different studies for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Madrid.

Cecilia previously worked in different cultural institutions coordinating cultural events.

Contact Cecilia: projects(at)humane.eu

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