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Practical Information – The Sustainability Summit: Utrecht University Study Visit

Sustainable Travel

In line with the Sustainability Summit theme we are trying to make the event in itself sustainable. We have started this, for example, with the choice of hotels, food, local transport, etc. We will ask students from Utrecht University to calculate the carbon footprint of the study trip. In light of this we would like to suggest that you come to Utrecht in the most sustainable way possible. For example try using the train instead of flying and cabs. If you are flying try to find ways to compensate for your carbon footprint.

Local Contact Information:

Dr. Joop Kessels

Email: j.m.m.kessels(at)uu.nl. Telephone:  +31 6 51558107 

Venue Details:

Dinner on Sunday evening is at: The Colour Kitchen, Oudegracht 214, 3511 NS Utrecht  Google Map

Monday and Tuesday: Bestuursgebouw, Utrecht Science Park, Heidelberglaan 8, room 033C Google Map

Wednesday: University Hall  / Faculty Club, Domplein 29, 3512 JE Utrecht Google Map

Hotel Information:

Joop Kessels, our host at Utrecht University, has suggested a hotel in the neighbourhood of the venue based on the way they express sustainability in their activities and yearly reports. This is shown below. Special rates have been secured and are available subject to availability until April 15.

To review the special rates and reserve follow the instructions on this form – these rates will not be available directly with the hotels.

– Malie Hotel Utrecht 

Many other hotels are available in Utrecht. The rates offered for the above hotels may not be the cheapest available compared with online providers. Do not hesitate to check sites such as booking.comhotels.com, etc. although it is often also worth checking the aggregator’s rates with the hotel’s own rates before finalising your booking. 

Lunch and Dinner:

Lunches and dinners within the programme will be included.

Dinners are at:

Sunday: The Colour Kitchen, Oudegracht 214, 3511 NS Utrecht  Google Map

Monday: University Hall  / Room 1636,  Domplein 29, 3512 JE Utrecht Google Map

Tuesday: University Hall  / Faculty Club, Domplein 29, 3512 JE Utrecht Google Map

Please inform the HUMANE secretariat about any special dietary needs as soon as possible by returning the Participant’s Information Form (which will be sent upon registration) to the Secretariat

Getting to Utrecht

Plan your trip

The easiest way to get to Utrecht is by train. Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport are just 30 minutes by train; Rotterdam and The Hague are 45 minutes by train. Daily international trains from and to Brussels (2 hours), Cologne (2.5 hours) and Paris (3.5 hours). For more info, go to the Dutch Railways site www.ns.nl or www.nshighspeed.nl

Getting from the hotels to University Hall

Direction from the Malie Hotel to University Hall can be found here


Please note that HUMANE and Utrecht University will not be able to admit you to the Study Visit if you have not registered and have received a confirmation of acceptance from the HUMANE Secretariat. If you need any clarification about your registration please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretariat. We will do everything we can do to help.

Please note that neither HUMANE or any of the host institutions where HUMANE events take place are liable for any losses, accidents or damage to persons or objects, regardless of the cause. Participants and accompanying persons attending any HUMANE events do so at their own risk and responsibility.