Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe

HUMANE Spring Seminar, Université de Strasbourg (FR), March 17-18, 2022

Knowledge transfer and innovation management: how do universities accelerate regional innovation diffusion?

Hosted by the Université de Strasbourg

Over the past two decades policy makers have become ever more insistent about universities contributing to the places in which they’re located. Beyond their role as institutions of research and teaching, drawing in students and staff sometimes from around the world, governments see universities as anchor institutions.

Increasingly, their expectation is that our institutions should play a vital role in regional development, place-making and helping to solve complex national, and local, social and economic challenges in their regions.

How have different universities responded to this upswing in expectations?

What models have they adopted to fuel regional innovation diffusion to achieve long term impact? And how do they work with regional intermediaries as part of the wider innovation system?

What internal structures have they developed to support knowledge transfer to regional business and industry? And what is the nature and extent of their business and industry support programmes?

Is the balance of their emphasis on SMEs and local entrepreneurs, or on national enterprises located in their regions? And how are students engaged in their knowledge transfer and innovation agenda?

Our seminar will explore these issues through a combination of regional case studies from around Europe as well as participative plenary sessions to generate debate and maximise peer learning.

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