Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe

Summer School Speakers

Koen Goethals

Rector, University College Ghent, BE

Koen Goethals obtained a Master and a PhD in Biological Sciences from Ghent University (UGent). He pursued a career as a researcher in the field of molecular genetics and in 2002 was appointed a tenured lecturer in Molecular Genetics at UGent.

In 2004 Koen was selected as Chief Academic Administrator of UGent, responsible for the administration and policy in research, education, personnel, juridical affairs, communication and internationalisation. Together with the rector, the vice-rector and the Chief Logistic Administrator he was responsible for the daily management of UGent.

In 2017 Koen changed gears and was selected President (“General Director”) of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Ghent (HOGENT). HOGENT has 16.500 students and supports 30 professional Bachelor programs in a broad range of vocational fields. Apart from that, HOGENT also supports 4 academic bachelor programs and 5 master programs in the arts (music, drama, film, photography, …). Next to teaching, the institution supports practice oriented research and service to society in the vocational domains and academic-artistic research in the art

Chris Green

Chief Transformation Officer, University of Glasgow, UK

Chris joined Glasgow University from the PA Consulting Group where he lead their welfare and youth sector work in the public sector. His clients spanned the major Departments, Agencies and providers in the sector. He has over 20 years’ experience of delivering change management in more than 40 projects and programmes including many large public sector bodies. These include DWP, DfE, Cabinet Office, DCMS, Scottish Executive and DSP in Ireland; Agencies such as Ofqual, Ofsted, ONS, Land Registry, ESFA, the NCS Trust and Health sector trusts including Greater Manchester, Calderdale and Sheffield.

Chris was also on the Executive Board of Newcastle College Group, one of the largest UK providers of education, employability and skills services. His personal interests include football – increasingly coaching and watching rather than playing these days – as well as music, reading and cinema. Chris is the proud Dad of a football mad 13 year old boy and as well as football he enjoys cycling, sailing and walking

Gary Guadagnolo

Director, EAB Washington DC, US

Gary Guadagnolo is a Director in EAB’s research division. His research has focused on operational and strategic issues facing higher education leaders – from creating shared services centres for administrative and service improvements, to establishing structures for ongoing conversations about academic program performance, to managing the total cost of ownership of a campus’s physical plant. Gary has a BA from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and an MA and PhD in History from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Gary leverages his many years of experience as an academic researcher and instructor to help “translate” ideas between academic and administrative units on campus. Outside of the office, and true to his Texas roots, Gary (along with his hound dog) is always on the hunt for good hiking trails and BBQ.

Grete Kvernland-Berg

Partner, PA Consulting Norway, NO

Country Head and partner in PA Consulting Group Norway, public healthcare and change expert. Grete holds an MsC in Business administration from North University. She works with health innovation across management levels, including MoH, regulators, health trusts and primary care communities. She and her team leads the Norwegian healthcare system’s innovation hub “InnoMed”. InnoMed’s mandate is to contribute to a customer centric and integrated health system through product and service innovation. She has specialized in designing and implementing new ways of providing care with use of telehealth, as Norway has an ambition of providing 30% of outpatient consultations online and through “hospitals from home”. She works alongside clinical and administrative leaders to make change happen.

Since 2014, she worked for the National Telecare program in Norway. The program has resulted in 70% of Norwegian primary care communities now offers telecare as the first choice of care. The design driven initiative has led to massive savings across local governments with use of technologies enabling self-mastery and less need of physical care. Grete is a strong believer in a wholistic approach to reach lasting change within healthcare, where organisational, cultural, technical, regulatory and ethical barriers must be solved in combination

John McMillian

Managing Director, EAB Global, US

John McMillian is a Managing Director at EAB and is responsible for the development of all of our ongoing operations Internationally outside of North America. John has been with the broader firm for over 9 years and has extensive experience working with our members to ensure partnership success. As the Managing Director over EAB International, John is responsible for developing consultative partnerships with our members to help solve their strategic and operational challenges in an effort to optimize their enrolment goals, student experience, and financial sustainability.

John has spent the last three years building our work specific to the challenges and nuances of Higher Education across Europe. John spent the prior three years developing out a new recruitment analytics initiative to support the enrolment growth of non-traditional adult learners across our member Universities throughout North America.

John received his undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University( Virginia Tech) in 2005, and more recently received his Masters of Business Administration(M.B.A.) from the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business in 2017.

Britta Piel

Head of Unit and Deputy Director, Centre for International Cooperation, Freie Universität Berlin, DE

Britta Piel is Head of Freie Universität Berlin’s (FUB) Centre for International Cooperation, a unit within the International Office focusing on strategic internationalisation, and Deputy Director of the International Office. Her tasks include advancing the university’s internationalisation strategy, managing the university’s network of liaison offices worldwide, and initiating new cooperation formats. Managing a diverse team across four continents, she can rely on almost twenty years of experience in different higher education institutions. Her interest in team development and organisational psychology prompted her to seek out further education in this field and to work as a humour trainer for national and international audiences.

Britta holds a Master’s degree in American Studies from Saint Louis University, USA, and a Certificate in Management and Leadership from the University of Hamburg. She also finished two years of training at Clownlabor Berlin e.V. and is a certified trainer for the foundation “Humor Hilft Heilen” in Germany.

Nannette Ripmeester

Founder & CEO of Expertise Labour Mobility, NL

Nannette Ripmeester is director of Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM). ELM specialises for over 25 years in customising solutions for international labour mobility for study and work purposes. Together with her team, Nannette works under the motto of ‘making mobility work’ for clients in the higher education, corporate and government sector. She is considered an expert on global mobility trends and how to enhance the connection between recent graduates and their future job opportunities.

Nannette holds an MA degree from the University of Amsterdam and combines her role for ELM with her work as Director Europe & North America for i-graduate – a leading benchmarking organisation responsible for running the International Student Barometer (ISB) under 4M students worldwide. More recently, she has become involved in the employability initiative CareerProfessor.works, supporting students’ intercultural and employability skills through a gamification app.

Her love for global mobility and bridging the gap between education and the world of work was ignited when she worked for 7 years at the European Commission where she was responsible for setting up the EURES database on living and working conditions and regional labour job market in the EU Member States.

Antti Savolainen

Director of Administrative Services, University of Helsinki, FI

Antti Savolainen is Director of Administrative Services in University of Helsinki since 2009 and as such is directing general administration sector. One of the main focuses in his working field is development of administration, services and functions.

During his more than 20 years at the University of Helsinki Antti has been involved in many reforms both at Faculty and University level and has acquired versatile experience in change management and service development. He was involved in Bologna Process initiated study reform 2004-2005 when working as a Head of Study Affairs at the Faculty of Science and was the project manager in implementation of campus service structure in the University 2007-2009. During the preparations for University reform in 2008-2009 he was in many ways involved in planning administrative processes and organisational structure. From 2015 – 2016 he was responsible for planning the new organization for administration (University Services) and was the project manager in its implementation in 2016-17.

In his position he has actively contributed in introducing new methods and thinking such as user-oriented approach, service design and lean management to the development of university functions. He has also participated actively in digitalisation of service production and has directed several years university’s enterprise architecture work.

Summer School Facilitators

Ian Creagh

Summer School Chair

After serving 10 years as King’s College London’s Senior Vice-President Operations & College Secretary, Ian now holds a portfolio of non-executive and higher education consulting roles. Prior to King’s, he held similar chief operating officer roles at City University London and before that, the University of Adelaide.

The first part of his career was in the Australian Public Service where he rose early on to become a member of the Senior Executive Service. Ian is also an experienced non-executive having served on the Board of King’s Health Partners, the Council of Governors of an NHS Foundation Trust, and the audit committee of the British Academy. He is currently the Chair of the Academic Council of BPP University in the UK,

Since relocating to Europe 20 years ago, Ian became an active member of HUMANE serving on its Executive Committee. He was a regular contributor to the Winter School and was key in the development of its sister Schools, the Berlin Summer School and the Shanghai Transnational Partnership School.

Nadine Burquel

Summer School Director

Nadine is director of the HUMANE residential schools, the Winter School, the Summer School and the Transnational Partnerships School for senior managers of professional services in universities. She was on the first committee founding the Winter School in 2003 and was involved in the early stages of setting up HUMANE in the mid-nineties.

In other contexts Nadine is international expert in higher education with close to 30 years experience, specialising in EU education policies and programmes; internationalisation, higher education strategy governance and leadership, quality assurance, enterpreneurship, innovation, both at system and institutional level. She has significant experience with the management of large EU (framework) contracts, evaluations, studies, policy analysis, capacity building and technical assistance. She was involved in several high level EU policy dialogues such as with Australia and Mexico.