Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe
The Class of 2021

What our past participants over the past couple of years say about their Barcelona Winter School experience….

The intensive nature of the Winter School programme and the expectations of the participants can mean very long working days – and evenings.

Mark Pen

Head of Research Affairs, Academic Affairs Office, Utrecht University

“The Barcelona Winter School is highly recommended for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the strategy and management of internationalisation. In an intensive training, all aspects of governance, strategy and management are addressed. And not unimportantly: the training is excellently organised with plenty of room to network with colleagues from all over Europe. It was not only a very interesting week, but also a lot of fun.”

Lilith Wanner-Mack

Head of Subdivision Personnel Developement, Human Resources, Freie Universität Berlin

The Winter School was a great opportunity to make new international contacts and to reflect together university strategic issues away from everyday life.

Wonderful people, challenging tasks and interesting impulses. I can only recommend it warmly.

Jon Powell

Head of Enterprise and Innovation Services Research and Enterprise Services Lancaster University

Participants work in a team throughout the Winter School

“The Barcelona HUMANE Winter School 2021 was an amazing experience. A great balance of international networking, stimulating content and a challenging real-world experiential brief. The team worked tirelessly to ensure the experience flowed seamlessly and ensured the energy levels of the group were maintained through a great balance of breaks, experiences, food and great conversation. I would thoroughly recommend the School to all budding senior managers in HE.”

Samantha Walbrugh-Parsadh

Head International Affairs, University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa

“Attending the Winter School was an exceptional learning and networking experience, working in multicultural teams with from cross-functional division professional staff from higher education institutions. Speakers and panellists were exceptional.

Rabia Harrison

Director of Administration, Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London

“The Winter School is a unique platform that pushes participants’ boundaries. It stimulates them to reimagine higher education. Leaders and managers from across the globe work in small teams towards a common goal. They are challenged to balance their personal ambitions with the leadership style of others. The opportunity to immerse oneself fully and professionally in such a profoundly transnational way is very rare but so incredibly effective.”

Sarah Kohlhammer

However, even with the demanding workloads, participants always find time to enjoy the sights of Barcelona and to build new friendships.

Manager, Leadership Support, Personnel Services, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

“The HUMANE Winter School was an amazing and unique learning experience. This week provided me with an exceptional opportunity to meet and connect with other professionals in higher education institutions from all over Europe and beyond. The well-balanced mix of plenary sessions, group discussions and case work definitely changed my way of strategic thinking and my understanding of global challenges facing my own institution. Working in small international groups with senior managers from different types of institutions, different positions and management styles was at the same time a tremendous challenge and a lot of fun!”

Robert Salvén

Senior Manager, Digital Communications, Aalto University

“Transitioning from a traditional stock listed company to the exciting world of higher education has definitely not been without its challenges for me. Every day is exciting, full of breakthroughs and inspiring student achievements but understanding and navigating the complexity and decentralized ecosystem that is a University has at times been frustrating. Attendance at the HUMANE Winter School gave me a variety of lenses with which to look at different scenarios and therefore to better understand how decisions are made and how they can be influenced. I am very grateful for the fantastic program and feel that I am much better equipped for excelling in my work.”

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