Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe

Professional Pathways Programme

Programme outline

Element Timing
Pre-event instructions
• Relevant pre-reading
Mid-March 2023
90-minute online introduction webinar


  • Programme objectives and orientation
  • Brief introduction to programme content
  • Initiation into action learning teams
  • Explanation of expectations of teamwork outputs:
    • – submission of a written report
    • – presentation to peers and potentially other invitees


Tuesday 4 April 2023
Residential programme commences


  • Late afternoon briefing and introduction on 16th of April
  • Evening event – drinks and informal dinner
16 April 2023
Day one AM, 09.00 – 12.30
Three sessions of c. 40 minutes on the theme of:


  • One or two expert led sessions on the theme of demographic trends and shifts – the impact of Europe’s ageing population on new populations of learners and lifelong education models of educational delivery
  • One practitioner led session on the same theme but with a greater focus on what/how elements of the issue are being dealt with in his/her institution
  • Teamwork session
17 April 2023
Day one PM, 14.00 – 17.30
Four sessions of c.40 minutes


  • Expert led session on the theme of the digital, fourth industrial revolution – anticipating advances in the science of learning and teaching and the impact of these on the future shape of institutions and the education they deliver
  • Practitioner led sessions on the same theme
  • One teamwork session
17 April 2023
Day two AM, 09.00 – 12.30
Three sessions of c.40 minutes


  • expert led sessions on the theme of future financial sustainability – the profound effects of demographic ageing and lifelong education on future higher education financing
  • practitioner led sessions on the same theme, with speakers contrasting different responses to similar challenges
  • teamwork session
18 April 2023
Day two PM, 14.00 – 17.30
Three sessions of c.40 minutes


  • practitioner led sessions with speakers selected to contrast different elements of the challenge. For example, a focus on (a)undergraduate curriculum reform regarding new and novel entry and exit routes; (b) co-curricula developments speaking to future focussed skills; (c) financing a package of reforms like these or alternatively, the academic and professional people development challenges of conceiving of and implementing a reform package
  • teamwork sessions
18 April 2023
Half day AM, 09.00—11.30am


  • Teamwork sessions
  • Depart for transport
19 April 2023
First formal 90-minute post-residential school online meeting of teams


  • Each team to be allocated a HUMANE mentor
  • Goal setting
  • Settling team modus operandi
  • Allocation of initial work to develop a work programme over the next 6 months
  • Teams encouraged to meet in between formal meetings
7 June 2023
Three further formal 90-minute online meetings


  • Each meeting to be used to take stock, monitoring progress against plan
  • HUMANE mentor to be available for these meetings to provide guidance and support, clarifying expectations and troubleshooting where and when necessary.
September 2023 to January 2024, dates to be advised
Submission of written report


  • Assessor panel drawn from the group of practitioner speakers
  • Assessor team will meet online before the final plenary residential event to review and edit feedback of individual assessors
31 January 2024
Presentation preparations completed and submitted 9 February 2024
One-and-a-half-day plenary event


  • Participants arrive the afternoon beforehand for a facilitated plenary session to engage the group in a discussion enabling them to reflect on their Pathways experience, in particular working in a ‘leader-fluid’ multi-disciplinary team. This to be followed by drinks and an informal Pathways dinner
  • Presentations of teamwork to occur on the 20th
  • Assessors will provide teams with feedback on their report and presentations
  • Participants will be presented with their certificates of completion
19 and 20 February 2024