Heads of University Management & Administration Network Europe

HUMANE Spring Seminar, Frascati, Rome (IT), April 7-8, 2017

The leadership of people, knowledge and change: the contribution of ‘the administration’ to institutional sustainability

Hosted by the University of Rome Tor Vergata

As higher education institutions seek to adapt during turbulent times, the narrative surrounding the contribution the so called ‘administration’ makes to institutional sustainability has undergone dramatic change

Whereas once the focus was a one-dimensional lens on cost and value-for-money, institutions increasingly adopt a multi-dimensional focus on customer or client satisfaction, quality of outcomes, effectiveness and true economic efficiency, in shaping the future focus of their student, teaching and research support operations. 

Nor are these new approaches to HE administrative support and institutional sustainability solely underpinned by purely technical interventions, important as process re-engineering, organisational structuring and technology are; contemporary approaches to leadership, talent development and acquisition, and cross-functional team work are now central features of many institutions’ administrative reform agendas. 

Our seminar brings together an impressive array of speakers with first hand experience of leading and managing change in their institutions to affect this seismic shift from passive, reactive support services to future focused, pro-active, well led professional services, actively contributing to their institutions’ future sustainability as vibrant intellectual communities of students and staff. 

Speakers and participative sessions:

Prof. Michele Bugliesi, Rector, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (IT)

- Internationalisation strategy and institutional sustainability: choices and challenges at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

drs. Dries Berendsen, Director Real Estates and Campus, Utrecht University (NL) with Ove Botnevik, Director of Estates and Facilities Management, University of Bergen (NO)

- Leadership and change in achieving space efficiency at Utrecht University: a case study in sciences and geosciences

Panel session: Lessons learned from leading change for institutional sustainability 

- Tiia Tuomi, HR Director at Aalto University (FI)

- Katarina Bjelke, University Director, Uppsala University (SE)

Stephan van Galen, Secretary General, University of Groningen (NL)

ing. Enrico Lodolo, Director of IT, University of Bologna (IT)

The digital revolution comes to Europe's oldest university: digitisation strategy and sustainability at the University of Bologna

Mag. Joachim Ninaus, Director Central Services, University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz (AT)

- Sustainable actions through the Alliance of Sustainable Universities in Austria and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

Prof. Stefano Cordiner, Director of Energy Management, University of Rome Tor Vergata (IT)

- Leadership and change for energy efficiency at the University of Rome Tor Vergata: how a university community may be driven to love a sustainable environment policy

John Worne, COO Arts and Sciences Faculties, King's College London (UK)

- World Café - Seizing the future, small changes; big ideas.

Concluding session: Key themes and practical actions to take forward from the seminar

- Cécile Chicoye, Director General of Services, University of Toulouse 1 Capitole (FR)

- Chris Cobb, Chief Operating Officer and University Secretary, University of London (UK)