Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe

Study Visit Programme

University of Zurich

Developments in research and innovation management and support: strategy and operations challenges
Wednesday, November 9  
Time Session Speaker
19:00 Welcome drinks and informal dinner  
21:00 Return to hotels
Thursday, November 10
09:00 Introduction and overview Elisabeth Stark
  I.   Outline of UZH and it’s research and innovation strategy Elisabeth Stark
  II.  How research is funded at UZH and the funding outlook Lisa Müller / Maurus Bolfing
  III. How research and innovation is organised and delivered Lisa Müller / Maria Olivares
10:30 Coffee  
11:00 Challenges and responses (1) Elisabeth Stark
  Research strategy at UZH  
  I.   Using internal funding levers to shape research strategy Maurus Bolfing
  II.  How to achieve sustainable impact in research Elisabeth Stark
  III. Efficient research support: facilities and staff Elisabeth Stark / Thomas Trüb
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Challenges and responses (2)  
  Core research grants and contract management systems and processes  
  I.   Organisation design issues: pre and post-award support Lisa Müller
  II.  Organisation design issues: managing different research funders to be finalised
  III. Digitalisation of core processes to be finalised
15:00 Coffee  
15:30 Visit to a research facility  
16:30 Facilitated session: study visit participants reflect on the day’s presentations  
17:00 Return to hotels  
19:00 Drinks and dinner  
21:00 Return to hotels  
Friday, November 11
09:00 Challenges and responses (3)  
  Innovation education support (1)  
  I.   Innovation support and management Maria Olivares
  II.  Innovation and IP, licensing and technology transfer to be finalised
  III. Education in innovation and entrepreneurship Maria Olivares
10:30 Coffee  
11:00 Challenges and responses (4)  
  Innovation education support (2)  
  I.   Doc 100%  
  II.   Support for Early Career researchers  Claudine Leysinger / Martin Bühler
  III. Testimonial from an innovator grant recipiant to be finalised
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Visit to a research facility  
14:30 Plenary and wrap-up  
15:00 Coffee  
15:30 Close  

Note: the programme is subject to marginal change.

Important information:

HUMANE and the University of Zurich fully intend to deliver the Study Visit in Zurich. If however, public health restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic require it to be postponed, participants will be notified with as much notice as possible.

Neither HUMANE nor the University of Zurich are liable for any losses, accidents or damage to persons or objects during the Study Visit in Zurich. Participants attending the Study Visit in Zurich do so at their own risk and responsibility.