Heads of University Management & Administration Network Europe

Winter School

Hosted by the UPF University Pompeu Fabra


Throughout Europe, and despite apparent differences between national systems, senior managers in higher education have to deal with very similar issues. The increasing impact and importance of international strategy is a case in point.  

The top managers of tomorrow will be those who understand the global environment and can capitalise on opportunities for development.


The HUMANE - EFMD (ESMU) Winter School develops the leadership potential of talented Senior Managers by making them fully aware of the concepts and practices of strategic management in a European context, and the importance of integrating academic support, finances, human resources, governance, leadership and communication strategy in the delivery of university strategy.


The programme is highly intensive, including plenary sessions and practical work in small groups. Participants are encouraged to discuss the situation of their own institutions. The working language is English, but presenters are well used to dealing with various levels of language proficiency.

Subject Matter

The Winter School focuses on leadership and management skills in the context of  the “big picture” of global higher education.  The programme is equally sensitive to the uniqueness of the practice of management in a university setting. This is not just “yet another” management course.

Participants will gain experience in making informed choices in decision-making processes.The Winter School uses the experience of HUMANE and EFMD members to give unique first-hand insight into general problems. The geographical and cultural spread of our members ensure that this discussion is not system-specific.


The Winter School is designed for talented fast-rising managers of administration or services, some of who might become heads of administration. The typical candidate will be someone who has the potential to become an influential senior manager and/or head of administration in the future but who at this moment may not be a deputy or senior colleague. Candidates may be an expert or a specialist with the potential to broaden responsibility and move in due course to a senior management position. They are nominated by their own heads of administration, and selected by the School Steering Committee.

2019 Edition

The 2019 Edition will be held at the UPF Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona from March 10-15, 2019. 

Late applications - please contact the HUMANE Secretariat.