Heads of University Management & Administration Network Europe

Governing bodies - HUMANE COMMITTEES

HUMANE is governed by two bodies:


The original planned name for HUMANE was the European Round Table of senior administrators. We have retained this name, the Round Table for the General Assembly of HUMANE.

Each participating country has at least one place, with additional seats depending on the number of members in a given country:

  • 8 members = 2 seats
  • 24 members = 3 seats
  • 40 members = 4 seats

The members of the Round Table are elected by national colleagues, for periods of 3 years. The Round Table has one annual meeting which takes place before the Annual Conference in June.


The Executive Committee, the Board of HUMANE,  is made up of eight seats, including the HUMANE Chairman. Seven of these are taken by Round Table members representing constituencies based on geographical and cultural groupings of the member countries.

The Executive Committee meets 3-4 times per year, usually linked to a Seminar or Annual Conference.

The HUMANE Executive Committee is currently: 

  • Esa Hämäläïnen (FI) - Chairman
  • Cristina Moreira (PT) - Portugal, Spain, Greece, Malta and Cyprus
  • Currently vacant - Croatia, Romania and Slovenia 
  • Ian Creagh (UK) - Ireland and the UK
  • Susanne Wallmark (SE) - Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway
  • Marylène Meston de Ren (FR) - Belgium, France and Italy
  • Janis Stonis (LV) - Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland
  • Jens Apitz (DE) - Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands