Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe

Sydney Study Visit and Seminar Programme


Ian Creagh will lead the programme.  If you have any questions, please contact him at strategyconsultant(at)humane.eu



Theme & background

Programme outline

Day 1


Developments in operational services transformation


Service transformation has been a major issue internationally in higher education particularly since the 2008 financial crash.  Whilst the local drivers for change have been marginally different, the focus of transformation efforts have been broadly similar.   Australian universities have been at the forefront of services transformation and the Australian Catholic University is widely regarded as an innovator in this space.  

1.    Introduction & background to ACU:

·       its story, mission, vision for the future

·       strategic priorities for the next 5-10 years

2.    Services transformation agenda:

·       Drivers for and the case for change

·       How the agenda was mobilised

·       Leadership

3.    Delivery priorities, methodology & measures of success

4.    Lessons learned so far

5.    Next phase of the journey

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Day 2


Infrastructure development and delivery, strategy and practice


Infrastructure planning and delivery is a challenge for university systems.  Just some of the questions most institutions confront include: improving the connection between capital planning and academic strategy in a context where third parties such as research funders, philanthropic trusts, teaching hospitals etc can have a distorting effect on long term planning and investment; integrating physical and digital infrastructure planning and investment;  balancing investment in students and teaching in an industry dominated internationally by research infrastructure drivers; modest  returns on investment due to cultural issues concerning efficient space utilisation.  UTS has implemented a massive infrastructure development programme over the past decade and is widely regarded as leading institution in this regard.

1.    Introduction & background to UTS: academic roots, its contemporary mission, long term academic priorities and strategy

2.    Recent and future UTS infrastructure developments

·       Research infrastructure

·       Students & teaching

·       Services

3.    Connecting infrastructure investment planning and academic strategy at UTS: process, RoI challenges, innovations and thinking about future improvements

4.    Integrating physical and digital infrastructure (and services) investment planning both strategic and operational:

·       experience in overcoming challenges,

·       leadership challenges — bridging the cultural gaps between property & IT communities

5.    Future planned innovations

Click here to see the full UTS programme. 

Day 3

Uni. of Sydney

Global engagement/international strategy & practice


Australian universities have been highly regarded for their global engagement strategies and practice, having internationalised at a faster pace than any other system of higher education in the world, by a large margin.  The University of Sydney is not only Australia’s oldest university, as well as one of its most prestigious.  It is also one of Australia’s most globally engaged universities with a large proportion of international students, a large outbound student mobility programme, multiple global research partners and international industry/business collaborations and partnerships.  

1.    The University of Sydney story: history & background; mission; current strategy

2.    The Sydney global engagement agenda: key features, distinctiveness, origins, current pressures & future priorities

3.    Strategic & operational global engagement challenges

·       Strategy and policy leadership

·       How strategic choices are made

·       Operations, support & delivery

·       Management & structural challenges

4.    Supporting student mobility & ‘internationalisation at home’, successes and challenges

5.    The next 5 years of global engagement: what does it look like?

Click here to see the full UNISYD programme.

Day 4


Joint seminar


Information and good practice exchange and engagement between Australian DVCs Corporate and HUMANE members, focussed on key trends, big challenges and potential future developments, as well as facilitating international networking opportunities.   

1.    Introductions, background and welcome

2.    Australian HE:

·       recent developments in policy and financing;

·       topical issues to be resolved.

3.    The European Higher Education Area: key trends and issues

·       European Commission driven developments

·       Some examples from some member states

4.    Good practice and developments in relation to major issues in Australian and European HE systems:

·       Supporting digitalisation…of everything

·       Professionalising the workforce

·       Transformation & change leadership & delivery

5.    Close 


·       The outline programme is subject to minor additions and change

·       The study visits will involve hearing from a range of senior speakers from each institution, but will also be highly interactive to facilitate genuine knowledge and experience exchange and networking

·       Similarly, the joint seminar will be facilitated as an interactive exchange of information and knowledge exchange about Australian and European higher education developments.