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Professional Pathways Programme for Generalist Administrators, University of Edinburgh, February 25-26, 2019

Adapt or die: the power of the generalist in a changing HE landscape

Hosted by the University of Edinburgh

All European universities are developing strategies to deal with profound, transformational changes in society. Those that understand emerging trends and adapt to them will prosper and those that don’t will struggle. Evolution theory suggests that this should favour those who are more adaptable, rather than those who are necessarily stronger. Will this be true of generalist university administrators?

This highly interactive professional pathways programme will be of particular interest to ambitious generalists such as: academic registrars and directors of academic services, faculty and school managers, student service managers, institutional planners, and senior governance officers and their staff. 

The programme begins by posing big questions: how will our universities evolve in the decades ahead? And how can we best adapt to the megatrends sweeping across the HE landscape?  

The following sessions will focus more on how these changes play out in institutional settings, as well as the implications for generalist administrators.  Where will opportunities emerge for talented generalists with the right portfolio of knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience? How can they best equip themselves to deal successfully with the major challenges that lie ahead?  Why are some universities recruiting some of their most senior professional staff from other sectors.

The programme has been designed to be highly interactive with a good balance of intensive small group work along with more traditional presentations. Helping participants to prepare personal career development action plans will be a major feature of the programme.