Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe

2022 HUMANE Events


Spring Seminar

Hosted by the University of Strasbourg

Knowledge transfer and innovation management: how do universities accelerate regional innovation diffusion?

Over the past two decades policy makers have become ever more insistent about universities contributing to the places in which they’re located. Beyond their role as institutions of research and teaching, drawing in students and staff sometimes from around the world, governments see universities as anchor institutions.

Increasingly, their expectation is that our institutions should play a vital role in regional development, place-making and helping to solve complex national, and local, social and economic challenges in their regions.

Our seminar will explore these issues through a combination of regional case studies from around Europe as well as participative plenary sessions to generate debate and maximise peer learning.

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Barcelona Winter School

Hosted by Barcelona School of Management, University Pompeu Fabra

Leading change in strategy and policy

A weeks long residential course, the Winter School develops the leadership capability of senior managers on the core theme of managing changes in strategy and policy.  The case material focusses on internationalisation strategy and policy choices and approaches, and their implications for professional services across faculties, schools and central support departments.   

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Study Visit

Hosted by Ghent University

The race to net zero

Following on our very successful series of Sustainability Summits, this time at the new venue of Ghent University. This event will start with an opening session and dinner on Sunday 1 May and will end in the afternoon of Tuesday 3 May.

More information will follow but in the meantime save the date.

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Annual Conference

Hosted by the University of Lisbon

The digital pivot: the hybrid campus of the future

Digital transformation has for many years been a feature of higher education debate and foresight. The shift to near ubiquitous online delivery of education in the initial phase of the pandemic, amplified claims that we were at long last in the midst of a paradigm shift.

And yet, despite these rapid advances in early 2020, by the second half of the year students’ and staff members’ instincts for our campuses to offer an inherently social experience reasserted itself. In so doing, it has accelerated the pre-pandemic debate about how advances in artificial intelligence technology should be harnessed and inform our thinking about the campus of the future.

What are the big social, economic and technological forces driving this discussion?

If further deployment of technology presages the end of mass lectures as the default delivery vehicle, what are the implications for our institutions’ digital infrastructure?

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Berlin Summer School

Hosted by the Freie Universität Berlin

Transforming HE professional services

A weeks long residential school, the Summer School develops the leadership capability of senior managers in higher education involved in large transformation programmes by exposing them to different management and examples from within higher education as well as other sectors.

The 2022 Summer School will open for applications shortly.

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Autumn Seminar

Hosted by the University of Trieste

Where to from here? International partnerships

The Covid pandemic has, it is often said, on the one hand changed everything, and on the other, nothing. 

Our Seminar at the University of Trieste is a two day event that starts with with lunch on Thursday 20 October and conclude in the afternoon for Friday 21 October.

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Study Visit

Hosted by the University of Zurich

Developments in research and innovation management and support: strategy, operations and challenges

Our Study Visit to the University of Zurich will start with an opening session and dinner on Wednesday 9 November and will end in the afternoon of Friday 11 November.

More information will follow but in the meantime save the date.

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