Winter School Alumni Network

Winter School Alumni Network

The Winter School Alumni Network (WSAN) brings together everyone who has graduated from HUMANE/EFMD’s annual Winter School in Spain.

The Winter School Alumni Network was set up in 2003 by participants of the first Winter School, as part of HUMANE’s provision for university professionals at all stages of their careers.

Today, the Winter School Alumni Network has over 440 members from 168 universities in 25 different countries. 

WSAN’s aims are to:

• facilitate the continued exchange of knowledge, skills, ideas and experiences among alumni of the Winter School 

• enable members develop their careers in the management and leadership of their institutions by providing a platform for contacts across the universities of Europe 

Staying in touch 

• The annual WSAN seminar takes places each autumn, hosted by alumni at their university, and focused on a theme of wide interest to European university professionals. WSAN members are warmly encouraged to reunite at these informative and enjoyable events. Details of this year’s seminar are available here.

• Join the WSAN LinkedIn group by visiting the page and requesting to join then you will be able to connect with fellow WSAN members.

• WSAN is run by a steering group drawn from its members. Do contact any of the steering group with any ideas or feedback – details are here.

WSAN Seminar 2017

September 29-30, 2017

Collaboration for greater impact 

Registration open

We are delighted to announce that the 15th WSAN annual seminar will be hosted in Uppsala, Sweden, by SLU (the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). The seminar is offered exclusively to members of HUMANE’s Winter School Alumni Network (WSAN). Registration is now open.

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