Heads of University Management & Administration Network Europe

Aalto University Study Visit Programme

Developments in innovation leadership at Aalto University

Sunday evening, 27 October

18:00 onwards

Study visit briefing, welcome and introduction

Venue: Restaurant Ranta, Radisson Blu Hotel Espoo, Address: Otaranta 2

Followed by

Drinks reception followed by an informal dinner with Aalto University hosts

Monday morning, 28 October



Arrival at the venue and coffee with an Aalto host

Venue: Dipoli, Address: Otakaari 24 # meeting room Alma Mater

Theme: innovation leadership and management processes


The leadership and management of innovation at Aalto University:

· Core management processes

· Guidelines, procedures and internal regulatory regime

· Support and advisory services

Presentations and discussion to be led by senior leaders and managers of innovation support services

Janne Laine

Vice President, Innovations

Sami Kärnä

Innovation coordinator, Project Services


Coffee break


Leadership and management session continued. Key balancing challenges to be managed:

· Enabling and facilitating societal impact and protecting the University’s interests

· Procedural ‘compliance’ to manage legal risks, and support and encouragement for academic staff

· Academic ‘ownership’ to facilitate buy-in, and management of a complex organisational process that consumes resources

Riitta Silvennoinen

Chief HR Officer

Marianna Bom

Chief Financial Officer


Study visit participants’ reflection time on the morning’s sessions


Buffet lunch # Restaurant Metso

Monday afternoon, 28 October

Theme: the role of students and entrepreneurship in innovation at Aalto University


· Opening worlds for Aalto students: entrepreneurship, innovation and the Alto student experience

· The Aalto University Entrepreneurship Society: its ambitions, agenda, scope and scale of achievements

· SLUSH – a student-driven, not-for-profit movement, which has grown from a 300-person assembly to a genuine global community with a mission to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs.

Presentations and discussion led by senior leaders, student leaders

Janne Laine

Vice President, Innovations

Timo Luukkola

President 2019, Aaltoes

Tommi Bergström

Head of Research, SLUSH


Coffee break


The role of students and entrepreneurship in innovation continued. Key balancing challenges to be managed:

· Curriculum integration or specialisation: how much and how far?

· Blending university-wide collaboration with students’ discipline-specific degree programmes

· Integrating student-led and university-led initiatives

· Helping students to help themselves – the balance and mix of ‘departmental’ and ‘central’ support; and student-led and university-led support

Eija Zitting

Head of Learning



Study visit participants’ reflection time on the afternoon’s sessions


Return to hotel (or work space available at Dipoli #Valsta)

Monday evening, 28 October


Drinks and dinner with Aalto University hosts

Venue: Fat Lizard Restaurant Address: Tietotie 1

Tuesday morning, 29 October


Departure from Radisson Espoo hotel

Walking to Startup Sauna with an Aalto host, address: Betonimiehenkuja 3 D

Theme: the evolution and future development of the Aalto innovation system


The Aalto Innovation ecosystem # Startup Sauna, Back stage

Janne Laine

Vice President, Innovations



Grand tour at Startup Sauna

Transfer to Design Factory, address: Betonimiehenkuja 5

Sini Pirinen

Director of Community

Startup Sauna



Guided tour in Design Factory

Transfer to the Aalto Bioproduct Centre, address: Vuorimiehentie 1

Viljami Lyytikäinen

Project Manager

International Operations

Design Factory


Coffee break # Aalto Bioproduct Centre



Visit to the Aalto Bioproduct Centre (ABio)

Transfer to Otakaari 5

Michael Hummel,

Associate Professor

School of Chemical Engineering



Visit to AGrid – home for 140 ambitious startups and a community of unique talents

Natalie Gaudet

Communications Manager


Study visit participants reflection time on the morning’s sessions


Buffet lunch

Factory restaurant, address: Otakaari 5

Walk to Dipoli


Participant-led plenary session for the study visit: the big lessons learned

# meeting room Poli


Participants depart – via Radisson Hotel to the airport