Heads of University Management & Administration Network Europe

HUMANE Autumn Seminar, Trinity College Dublin (IE), November 9-10, 2017

Managing the university campus: current challenges and future opportunities

Hosted by Trinity College, Dublin

As Europe’s universities have grown in scale over the past 30 years, the effective management of space has become a constant and complex challenge for university managers.  The demand for new and better space to accommodate innovative teaching, research and team-work, often with industry and business partners, is as acute as the challenge of managing older and less well designed space more efficiently.  This, combined with the need to re-think space and its management as a critical component of the student and staff experience, makes the challenge even more complex if only because it requires an integrated and negotiated approach to the management of the campus. 

Our Autumn seminar aims to deal with these knotty problems in a practical and innovative way, with contributions from a range of speakers from Ireland, Norway, the UK and other member countries, as well as representatives from other industry sectors, who will share their insights, successes and challenges in managing the contemporary university campus.  Contributions from professionals working in estates and facilities, IT, benchmarking, organisational development and change management, and the student and staff experience promise to make this seminar a great learning and networking experience for our members and their senior staff. 

Our venue will be the historic campus of Trinity College Dublin.  Our host institution and HUMANE look forward to welcoming you to Dublin in the Autumn


Dries Berendsen, Project Director Estates and Campus, Utrecht University (NL)

- Shaping and realising the campus strategy of Utrecht University – how to get the maximum yield from a large investment?

Ove Botnevik, Director of Estates and Facilities Management, University of Bergen (NO)

- Shifting the conversation about academic strategy, and the planning and management of space: Masterplanning the campus of the University of Bergen

Erika Hepping, Department Head - Real Estates, University of Groningen (NL)

- The Joys, Trials and Tribulations: working with public & private partners to develop old and new campuses in Groningen

Karolina Ganhammar, University Architect, Linköping University (SE)

- Students in charge...OK!

Sue Holmes, Director of Estates and Facilities, Oxford Brookes University (UK)

- Learning from life and experience: how to get the most out of your estate

Paul Mangan, Director of Estates and Facilities, University of Dublin, Trinity College (IE)

- Creating a living laboratory at TCD: creating innovative scientific teaching, research and student spaces on a space constrained capital city campus

Nick O'Donnell, Director of Estates and Facilities, King's College London (UK)

- Supporting ‘sustainable’ growth: adapting corporate solutions to the academy

Welcome and Introduction from:

Veronica Campbell, Bursar and Director of Strategic Innovation, Trinity College, Dublin (IE)