• HUMANE announces its 2020 Programme
    Available now - click on the banner
  • Sydney universities study visits plus a
    Seminar with HUMANE's Australian counterpart
    Sydney, April 14-17, 2020
    Registrations now open
  • HUMANE Spring Seminar
    Warsaw School of Economics, March 15-20, 2020
    GDPR in higher education:
    organisational challenges and opportunities for institutional governance and management
    Registations now open
  • HUMANE-EFMD Winter School
    Developing the Leadership Potential of Senior University Managers
    UPF Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona (ES)
    March 15-20, 2020
  • HUMANE-EFMD Summer School
    Transforming Higher Education Professional Services
    Free University of Berlin (DE)
    September 27 - October 2, 2020
  • HUMANE-EFMD Transnational Partnerships School
    Managing international strategic partnerships in higher education
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University (CN)
    2020 dates coming soon

HUMANE, Europe’s international network for Higher Education professionals

Driving professional excellence

HUMANE, the Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe, is an international association whose aims are to build international networks, to foster innovation in higher education services and to drive professional excellence in higher education management.  

Uniquely, HUMANE supports both the professional development of current executive leaders within the HE sector as well as organisational development through the provision of programmes to promising senior staff. 

Building international networks

Membership of HUMANE provides a cost-effective means to:

  • expand professional networks both locally and internationally,
  • continually develop the skills and expertise that you need to succeed,
  • stay up-to-date on key issues and trends,
  • have the opportunity to work with HE leaders who have first-hand experience of the ever-changing challenges within HE.  

Over the coming year, HUMANE is offering its members a wide range of networking and development events in various European locations and Hong Kong.  

For further information go to the Join HUMANE page or contact us at contact(at)humane.eu.

HUMANE eNewsletter

HUMANE eNewsletter issue 12 (Autumn 2019) is out now

HUMANE is delighted to announce that the latest edition of its eNewsletter has just been published. Not only does it outline upcoming HUMANE events it includes contributions from our members, links to particularly interesting articles and YouTube features. 

HUMANE Members receive a copy directly to their inbox. A link to the eNewsletter is here. We hope you enjoy it.

Sydney universities study visits and a seminar with HUMANE’s Australian counterpart, Sydney, April 14-17, 2020

Hosted by the Australian Catholic University (AU)

HUMANE is pleased to announce that registrations are now open for this unique opportunity.

The programme comprises study visits to three very different types of institutions in Sydney, themed around: 

The fourth element of the programme is a seminar with HUMANE’s counterpart association, the Deputy Vice-Chancellors Corporate.  The seminar will provide an opportunity for good practice exchange and engagement between members of the two associations, focussed on key trends in higher education, big challenges and future developments, as well as providing a platform for international networking for HUMANE participants. 

Click here for a more detailed outline of the programme.

HUMANE Spring Seminar, Warsaw School of Economics, March 26-27, 2020

GDPR in higher education: organisational challenges and opportunities for institutional governance and management.

Hosted by the Warsaw School of Economics (PL)

The HUMANE Spring seminar is themed as, GDPR in higher education: organisational challenges and opportunities for institutional governance and management.  This seminar provides an opportunity to share experience and develop networks in respect of a regulatory obligation causing its share of risk management headaches.  But it also presents an opportunity to improve information governance and management and therefore, organisational processes because of the need to break down information silos.  More information will follow shortly.

HUMANE-EFMD Winter School, Barcelona (ES), March 15-20, 2020

Developing the Leadership Potential of the Senior University Managers

Hosted by the UPF Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona (ES)

The EFMD - HUMANE Winter School aims to develop the leadership potential of talented Senior Managers by making them fully aware of:

  • The concepts and practices of strategic management in a European context;
  • The importance of integrating academic matters, finances, human resources, governance, leadership and communication strategy in the elaboration of university strategy.

The Winter School focuses on leadership skills and the “big picture” of management (how to identify and implement necessary changes). Throughout the week participants work on a case resolution on the internationalisation strategy of a University. The context of university life and the developing scene across Europe provide a unifying thread – this is not just “yet another” management course.

The Winter School is designed for talented fast-rising managers of administration or services, some of who might become heads of administration. The typical candidate will be someone who has the potential to become an influential senior manager and/or head of administration in the future but who at this moment may not be a deputy or senior colleague. Candidates may be an expert or a specialist with the potential to broaden responsibility and move in due course to a senior management position. Applicants are nominated by their own head of administration, their dean or equivalent in their organisation. They are selected by an EFMD- HUMANE panel with extensive experience of leadership management development programmes.

HUMANE-EFMD Summer School, Berlin (DE) , September 27-October 2, 2020

Transforming Higher Education Professional Services

Hosted by the Freie University Berlin (DE)  

The aim of the HUMANE-EFMD Summer School is to develop the leadership potential of senior managers in higher education involved in major transformational change programmes in their institutions by making them fully aware of:

  • The critical success factors associated with the re-design of professional services operating models for future growth; and approaches to overcome the challenges
  • The implications of cross-boundary process transformations to develop fit for purpose, flexible and modern professional services

HUMANE-EFMD Transnational Partnerships School, Shanghai (CN), 2020 dates coming soon

Developing the leadership potential of Asia-Pacific and European leaders and managers 

Managing international strategic partnerships in higher education

Hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Hosted by the prestigious Shanghai Jiao Tong University and with visits to other institutions such as Fudan University, the Transnational Partnerships School aims to provide a unique experience for senior and middle managers involved in leading or advising on strategic east-west partnerships between universities, and between universities and other partners. 

Like our winter and summer school programmes, the Shanghai programme will be an intensive, immersive learning experience, providing an opportunity for participants to extend their global networks and to learn first-hand of the rapid evolution of one of the world’s great education cities.

News from our Members and Partners

Ambitious Futures: The graduate programme for university leadership

Each year scores of highly talented graduates leave our universities for professional careers. How can we ensure that we attract, develop and retain the best of that graduate talent for our sector?

Created to address this challenge, Ambitious Futures is a graduate leadership scheme for Higher Education in the UK, now keen to extend its reach beyond the UK. While its programme currently comprises a range of UK-based HUMANE members,  Ambitious Futures is actively developing relationships with partners across the rest of Europe as its next big step.

By recruiting some of the brightest graduates into the sector and providing them with a challenging eighteen-month programme of practical placements and professional development within different universities, the scheme puts participants onto the fast track to leadership roles in professional services.

Contact the Chief Executive, Christine Abbott for more information.