• HUMANE Study Visit
    University of Padova (IT)
    Making positive change happen: organisational turnaround at the University of Padova
    New Date: November 25-27, 2018
  • HUMANE 2019 Annual Conference
    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
    Munich (DE)
    Provisional date June 27-28, 2019
  • HUMANE-EFMD Asia-Pacific School
    Managing international strategic partnerships in higher education
    University of Hong Kong (HK), October 7-12, 2018
    Applications now open
  • 16th Alumni Network Annual Seminar
    UniverCity: Hidden in plain sight
    University of Toulouse Capitole
    Toulouse, September 28-29, 2018
    Open to Residential School Alumni only
  • HUMANE Autumn Seminar
    University of Trento (IT), November 8-9, 2018
    Contemporary student activism in European universities
    Registration open
  • HUMANE-EFMD Winter School
    Developing the Leadership Potential of Senior University Managers
    UPF Barcelona (ES), 2019 edition coming soon
  • HUMANE-EFMD Summer School
    Transforming Higher Education Professional Services
    Free University of Berlin (DE), September 9-14, 2018

HUMANE eNewsletter

HUMANE eNewsletter issue 7 (Summer 2018) is out now

HUMANE is delighted to announce that the seventh edition of its eNewsletter has just been published. Not only does it outline upcoming HUMANE events it includes contributions from our members, links to particularly interesting articles and YouTube features. Plus 60 seconds with a HUMANE member - in this edition find out who will serenade you...

HUMANE Members receive a copy directly to their inbox. A link to the eNewsletter is here. We hope you enjoy it


HUMANE Study Visit, Padova (IT), New Date - November 25-27, 2018

Making positive change happen: organisational turnaround at the University of Padova

Hosted by the University of Padova (IT)

How do you go about achieving lasting change in one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious seats of learning, the Università degli Studi di Padova?  

Despite being a member of the Coimbra Group, the network of ancient research universities which includes the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Heidelberg, Salamanca, Jena, Leuven and Leiden, Padova is not immune from the pressures of funding cuts, international competition and the relentless drive for greater efficiency. 

The study visit will be an intensive one and a half day engagement, with informal networking opportunities and plenty of opportunity for participative group work and discussion, taking place in one of Europe’s most beautiful university cities

HUMANE-EFMD Asia-Pacific School, Hong Kong (HK), October 7-12, 2018

Developing the leadership potential of Asia-Pacific and European leaders and managers 

Managing international strategic partnerships in higher education

Against a background of the world’s economic centre of gravity shifting to the east, HUMANE and EFMD are launching a brand-new pofessional development programme following the success of their annual Winter School.

The aim of the School is to develop the leadership potential of senior managers in higher education involved or likely to be involved in major Asia-Pacific and European strategic partnerships by making them fully aware of:

  • The range of models and types of partnerships (at programme or institutional level; branch campuses);
  • The governance and management approaches associated with strategic partnerships, including frameworks for assessing risk and ensuring quality;
  • The implications of global strategic partnerships on professional services in universities (e.g. HR, IT, finances)

Applications now open.

16th Annual Alumni Network Seminar, 28-29 September 2018

UniverCity: Hidden in plain sight

Hosted by the University of Toulouse Capitole (FR)

Alumni of the HUMANE-EFMD Winter, Summer and Asia-Pacific residential schools are invited to Toulouse to discuss how to measure, enhance and leverage the higher education institutions impact on the cities and territories surrounding them. Among the various approaches considered, discussions will address:

  • economic impact of higher education institutions : either at macro or micro level with interventions by an economist, a specialist of fund raising and a high official from Airbus.
  • architectural and urbanistic impact including transportation policies: how do local authorities and higher education institutions interact and adapt their development strategies to each other after: architects, greater Toulouse urban planner will debate with university officials.
  • social impact: universities in their role as producers of knowledge should appear not as ivory towers of medieval debates but  play an active role in allowing the access to knowledge and debate for and with  the general public in an age.

These issues are today at the heart of our preoccupations and challenge higher education managers in ways that were not so important a few years ago: the relationship with the city officials used to be limited to some polite interaction between academics, vice chancellors and, local authorities. Today they are relations between highly qualified professionals sharing common issues. Fund raising or finding internships for students has become the job not only of academics using their personal networks, it is now also a job for professionals and managers.

Even the cultural and social issues evoked need to be prepared, communicated on and followed professionally.

Open to the alumni of HUMANE-EFMD Residential Schools only

HUMANE Autumn Seminar, University of Trento (IT), November 8-9, 2018

Contemporary student activism in European universities

Hosted by the University of Trento (IT)

Our Autumn Seminar will take place in Trento, Italy on November 8-9, 2018. More information will follow very shortly but in the meantime, save the date.

Professional Pathways Programme

Professional Pathways Programmes 2018 sessions

New for 2018 and based on feedback from participants in our residential schools, HUMANE is developing a series of professional pathways programmes

These programmes aim to enable staff working in the same or similar professional disciplines to think about the big issues facing higher education today and in the longer term, build their global professional networks to share good practice and ideas, and to provide a stimulating environment where they have the opportunity to learn new skills to contribute to their professional and personal development.

Session 1 - Financial Professionals - March 12-13, 2018

Re-framing financial leadership in a more complex and turbulent world 

Hosted by Utrecht University (NL)

As the world has become increasingly complex and turbulent over recent decades, European higher education has, compared with many other sectors, fared remarkably well.  

But as the combined mega trends associated with Europe’s demographic crisis, the shift eastwards of political and economic power, and the advent of artificial intelligence gather momentum, is this apparent stability sustainable? 

Can higher education keep dodging the bullets and retain relatively high levels of predictable funding compared with others, and year on year growth based on a business model that has remained largely unchanged for c. 70 years? 

How rapid and disruptive will the resulting changes be?  Which institutions are most vulnerable and what are the consequences of these changes manifesting in European higher educations: for the sector as a whole, for individual institutions and the role of senior finance professionals working in our universities? 

HUMANE-EFMD Winter School, Barcelona (ES), March 18-23, 2018

Developing the Leadership Potential of the Senior University Managers

The aim of the HUMANE-EFMD Winter School is to develop the leadership potential of fast-rising senior university managers by making them fully aware of:

  • The importance of integrating academic matters with finance, human resource and communication strategy in the elaboration of university strategy
  • The meaning of strategic management in a European and global context

2018 Edition is now closed. Applications for the 2019 Edition will open in the summer.

HUMANE-EFMD Summer School, Berlin (DE), September 9-14, 2018

Transforming Higher Education Professional Services

The aim of the HUMANE-EFMD Summer School is to develop the leadership potential of senior managers in higher education involved in major transformational change programmes in their institutions by making them fully aware of:

  • The critical success factors associated with the re-design of professional services operating models for future growth; and approaches to overcome the challenges
  • The implications of cross-boundary process transformations to develop fit for purpose, flexible and modern professional services

News from our Members & Partners

4th EUA Funding Forum

Frameworks that empower, universities that deliver

Barcelona 18-19 October, 2018

This year’s Forum will both feature well-known popular formats and step up interaction among participants through a variety of new activities. Expert panels, in plenary, will frame the topics to introduce the discussion. Master classes will provide an up-to-date overview of most recent trends in higher education and research funding. In the Forum “expert rooms”, university leaders and managers and policy-makers will learn from peers. Participants will engage with each other in learning cafés and roundtables. The event, which philosophy can be summarised by “share and learn to grow and improve”, will focus on empowering institutions in financial and economic environments characterised by uncertainty and risk. Policy-makers will have the opportunity to explore reform mechanisms of interest. In a nutshell, the Forum will enrich the perspectives of both institutional leaders and policy-makers engaged in funding reforms and more broadly in change management. 

Full information can be found here and the programme is available here

Strategic Partner

HUMANE has a strategic partnership with EFMD.

EFMD management development network includes over 900 institutional members from academia, business, public service and consultancy across 88 countries worldwide.  EFMD offers a range of services, including conferences and seminars around the world, surveys and the dissemination of knowledge, quality improvement and accreditation via EQUIS, EPAS, EOCCS and CLIP, as well as the EDAF mentoring programme and BSIS impact assessment system. 

EFMD is hosting the HUMANE Secretariat.   The Asia-Pacific School, Summer School and Winter School are joint ventures of the two associations.

HUMANE, Europe’s international network for Higher Education professionals

Driving professional excellence

HUMANE, the Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe, is an international association whose aims are to build international networks, to foster innovation in higher education services and to drive professional excellence in higher education management.  Uniquely, HUMANE supports both the professional development of current executive leaders within the HE sector as well as organisational development through the provision of programmes to promising senior staff.  

Building international networks

Membership of HUMANE provides a cost-effective means to:

  • expand professional networks both locally and internationally,
  • continually develop the skills and expertise that you need to succeed,
  • stay up-to-date on key issues and trends,
  • have the opportunity to work with HE leaders who have first-hand experience of the ever-changing challenges within HE.  

Over the coming year, HUMANE is offering its members a wide range of networking and development events in various European locations and Hong Kong.  

For further information go to the Join HUMANE page, download our leaflet or contact us at contact(at)humane.eu.