• HUMANE Autumn Seminar
    Managing the university campus:
    Current challenges and future opportunities
    Trinity College, Dublin (IE) November 9-10, 2017
  • HUMANE-EFMD Asia-Pacific School
    Managing international strategic partnerships in higher education
    University of Hong Kong, October 8-12, 2017
    Now open for applications
  • HUMANE-EFMD Winter School
    Developing the Leadership Potential of Senior University Managers
    UPF Barcelona, March 18-23, 2018
    Now open for applications
  • HUMANE 2018 Anniversary Conference
    Malmö University
    Malmö, Sweden, June 15-16, 2018
    Save the date!
  • HUMANE-EFMD Summer School
    Transforming Higher Education Professional Services
    Free University of Berlin
    2018 Edition - information soon

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HUMANE eNewsletter issue 3 (Summer 2017) is out now

HUMANE is delighted to announce that the second edition of its new eNewsletter has just been published. Not only does it outline upcoming HUMANE events it includes contributions from our members, links to particularly interesting articles and YouTube features. Plus 60 seconds with a HUMANE member - in this edition find out who would rather be in the mountains ...

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HUMANE Autumn Seminar, Trinity College, Dublin (IE), November 9-10, 2017

Managing the university campus: current challenges and future opportunities

Hosted by Trinity College, Dublin

As Europe’s universities have grown in scale over the past 30 years, the effective management of space has become a constant and complex challenge for university managers.  The demand for new and better space to accommodate innovative teaching, research and team-work, often with industry and business partners, is as acute as the challenge of managing older and less well designed space more efficiently.  This, combined with the need to re-think space and its management as a critical component of the student and staff experience, makes the challenge even more complex if only because it requires an integrated and negotiated approach to the management of the campus. 

Our Autumn seminar aims to deal with these knotty problems in a practical and innovative way, with contributions from a range of speakers from Ireland, Norway, the UK and other member countries, as well as representatives from other industry sectors, who will share their insights, successes and challenges in managing the contemporary university campus.  Contributions from professionals working in estates and facilities, IT, benchmarking, organisational development and change management, and the student and staff experience promise to make this seminar a great learning and networking experience for our members and their senior staff. 

Final places available

Speakers announced - details available here

For further information and the agenda outline, plus to see who is eligible to attend please click on read more.

HUMANE-EFMD Winter School, Barcelona (ES), March 18-23, 2018

Developing the Leadership Potential of the Senior University Managers

The aim of the HUMANE-EFMD Winter School is to develop the leadership potential of fast-rising senior university managers by making them fully aware of:

  • The importance of integrating academic matters with finance, human resource and communication strategy in the elaboration of university strategy
  • The meaning of strategic management in a European and global context

Now open for applications

HUMANE-EFMD Asia-Pacific School, Hong Kong (HK), October 8-13, 2017

Developing the leadership potential of Asia-Pacific and European leaders and managers 

Managing international strategic partnerships in higher education

Against a background of the world’s economic centre of gravity shifting to the east, HUMANE and EFMD are launching a brand-new pofessional development programme following the success of their annual Winter School.

The aim of the School is to develop the leadership potential of senior managers in higher education involved or likely to be involved in major Asia-Pacific and European strategic partnerships by making them fully aware of:

  • The range of models and types of partnerships (at programme or institutional level; branch campuses);
  • The governance and management approaches associated with strategic partnerships, including frameworks for assessing risk and ensuring quality;
  • The implications of global strategic partnerships on professional services in universities (e.g. HR, IT, finances)

Now open for applications

HUMANE-EFMD Summer School, Berlin (DE)

Transforming Higher Education Professional Services

The aim of the HUMANE-EFMD Summer School is to develop the leadership potential of senior managers in higher education involved in major transformational change programmes in their institutions by making them fully aware of:

  • The critical success factors associated with the re-design of professional services operating models for future growth; and approaches to overcome the challenges
  • The implications of cross-boundary process transformations to develop fit for purpose, flexible and modern professional services

2018 Edition information will follow

HUMANE 2018 Annual Conference, Malmö (SE), June 15-16, 2018

Save the date!

The 2018 HUMANE Annual Conference will take place at the Malmö University in Sweden on June 15-16, 2018. 

More information will follow shortly.

News from our Members & Partners

2017 EFMD Higher Education Research Conference

Take the opportunity to share your research with colleagues from around the world, attend the 2017 EFMD Higher Education Research Conference. This year’s conference will take place on 23-24 October in Leuven, Belgium, and will be hosted by KU Leuven.

The conference will focus on "Impact and interdisciplinarity in management education and research" under four tracks:

Track 1: Interdisciplinarity and the challenges for governance, incentive structures, faculty management, and autonomy/organisation of business schools and HEIs in general

Track 2: Interdisciplinarity and its impact in management education and research

Track 3: Innovations in management education and research

EFMD-EDAMBA Track 4: Special EFMD-EDAMBA track for PhD's

Target Group: Academics and researchers from management, higher education and related fields.

Strategic Partner

HUMANE has a strategic partnership with EFMD, a large global not for profit association of nearly 900 members (business schools, universities, public and private organisations) in 86 countries. EFMD promotes management education and higher education developments, and it organises a wide range of activities all open to HUMANE members. EFMD is well-known for its range of accreditation services for the business schools and their study programmes (EQUIS, EPAS, EOCCS and CLIP).   

EFMD is hosting the HUMANE Secretariat.   The Asia-Pacific School, Summer School and Winter School are joint ventures of the two associations.


HUMANE is a network of professional excellence which:

  • Provides rich opportunities for Heads of University Management and their staff to meet and exchange experiences, share good practice and facilitate innovation in Higher Education institutions.
  • Supports Heads of Administration as leaders within their organizations.
  • Disseminates knowledge and skills of high relevance for the administration of European Higher Education institutions.
  • Enhances operational leadership, day-to-day management, and administration as a profession crucial to the success of Higher Education institutions.
  • Reinforces the relationships between academic and administrative leadership in Higher Education institutions.
  • Provides advice to and works with European agencies to influence the development of efficient management procedures

HUMANE, the Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe, was set up in 1997 with the aim of grouping all heads of university administration in Europe in a network, devoted to professional development by sharing best practices. HUMANE received encouragement and initial financial support from the European Commission. Now, HUMANE is a non profit association registered in Belgium with the Secretariat based in Brussels. HUMANE has some 170 members from 26 different European countries. For further information go to the Join HUMANE page, download our leaflet or contact us at contact(at)humane.eu.