Heads of University Management & Administration Network Europe

HUMANE 20th Anniversary Conference, June 9-10, Paris

Redefining university leadership in a volatile world

Hosted by the Collège de France and Paris Science et Lettres PSL

We celebrated HUMANE’s 20th anniversary in Paris in June, 2017.  

Consistent with the global higher education challenges themes of recent annual conferences, the Paris Anniversary Conference will focus on Crisis leadership in universities in a volatile world.

Universities’ response to genuine crisis provides a fascinating way of analysing these challenges. Crises, as an extreme form of environmental volatility, shine an ultra-violet light on leadership culture and practice. We can learn a great deal from how leadership responds under these pressures. Most crises cannot be predicted; but the institutional response can be controlled. Well led responses to crises in universities can have a lasting and positive impact on institutional culture and reputation. A poor response can saddle an institution with socio-cultural, political and economic problems for years to come.

The social programme included the 20th Anniversary HUMANE dinner on a Seine barge on the  Friday evening and an informal garden party with a jazz ensemble on the Satruday evening.

The conference was hosted by Collège de France in collaboration with the recently established university and research community Paris Science et Lettres PSL.  


Speakers and participative sessions:

Prof. Thierry Coulhon, President,  Paris Sciences et Lettres – Research University (FR)

 Leading universities in turbulent times

Prof. Pierre Rosanvallon, the famous French intellectual and historian, and Named Professor at the Collège de France (FR)

- Bon gouvernement et bonne gouvernance au 21ème siècle (presented in French with simultaneous translation available)

Prof. Baroness Alison Wolf, Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management, King’s College London (UK)

- Global higher education and bureaucratised universities: why does one produce the other?

Prof. Patrick Lagadec, international consultant in the field of crisis intelligence and leadership (FR)

- Crisis leadership in a chaotic world: navigating the unknown

Dr. Cécile Wendling, Head of Foresight, AXA and visiting researcher at Science Po (FR)

- Megatrends and disruptions for institutional leaders: lessons from the insurance sector

Mr Stuart Bell, Chief Executive of Oxford Health Foundation Trust (UK)

- From crisis to crisis: leadership in the health service

Ms Emily Hough, Editor in Chief of the Crisis Response Journal (UK)

- Reputations on the line: Leadership, empowerment and trust in crisis communications  

Dr. Ann Fust, Executive Director, Swedish Research Council  (SE)

- Leaning into the wind: lessons learned from leading in an environment of turbulence and uncertainty.

Dr. Edward Deverell, Crismart at the Swedish Defence University (SE)

- Lessons for everyday leadership from crisis research

Ms. Alviina Alametsä, Masters degree student at the University of Helsinki, specialising in conflict and peace making (FI)

- Leadership, community resilience and security: lessons learned from the 2007 Jokela school shooting.