Heads of University Management & Administration Network Europe

HUMANE Seminar London (UK), November 4-5, 2016

Attainment, Access and Affordability in Higher Education: system-level and institutional responses in the early 21st century

According to the Economist, the global tertiary-enrolment ratio — the share of the student-age population at university — went up from 14% to 32% in the two decades to 2012; in that time, the number of countries with a ratio of more than half rose from five to 54. University enrolment is growing faster even than demand for that ultimate consumer good, the car.

One approach to satisfying this burgeoning demand for higher education emphasises state funding and provision, in which most institutions have broadly equal resources and status. This typifies some European systems.

The second is the more market-based model, of mixed private-public funding and provision, with better-funded institutions at the top and poorer ones at the bottom. The American systems of higher education exemplify this approach.

But both have had mixed success at best in getting under-represented groups into higher education and even when they do, ensuring proportionate levels of attainment despite a generation of social inclusion policies.

The institutional management and leadership challenges of changing the social and economic mix of universities is immense, with every aspect of university operations affected whether it be marketing and outreach to prospective students, learning support systems, through to advice and guidance services.

Speakers and Themes:

Rt. Hon. Charles Clarke - Former UK Education Secretary (UK)

- The political economy of higher education financing policy

Prof. Les Ebdon -  Director, Office for Fair Access to Higher Education (UK)

-  Why universities should do more to promote social mobility

Dr. Michael Harms - Director of Communications, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (DE)

- No fees, no problem? Access to and affordability of German higher education

Prof. Bertrand Monthubert - President, Campus France (FR)

- Creating a learning Europe – making the turn to a knowledge society 

Aaron Porter - former National Union of Students President (UK)

- A student representative’s perspective of the access and attainment agenda and what the future holds

Andy Moss - Senior Vice President, Pearson Education (UK)

- Expanding access and outcomes: innovation and investment in the for-profit higher education sector 

Alexandra Rosenbach - Chief Strategic Advisor Internationalisation, Maastricht University (NL)

- Money talks: access, affordability and attainment in Dutch higher education: creating an inspiring and diverse international classroom at Maastricht University

Baroness Alison Wolf - Professor of Public Sector Management, King's College London (UK)

- A bleak financial future? Universal tertiary education, and what happens if we get it wrong.

Doreen Thompson, Billy Reed and KCL students - Widening Participation Unit, King’s College London (UK)

- From government to ground game – widening participation at King’s College London

Prof. Bo-Anders Jönsson - Pro-Dean, University of Lund (SE)

- Access to and affordability of higher education in Sweden, open for all!  Oh really?