Heads of University Management & Administration Network Europe

2015 HUMANE Annual Conference, 26-27 June, Berlin

University Professors of the future - New paths for academic talent development and management

University professors are key players in HE and are crucial for realising research strategies and shaping the profile of HEIs. Europe’s Higher Education and Research Sector is witnessing a significant change process triggered by a number of factors: Changes in society like the ageing phenomenon and the immigration issue, as well as the economic downturn lead to a changing view to HE overall and the importance for the future development of societies and their respective economies. Equally important is the impact of the globalized economy leading to harder competition on skills and innovation as well as the digitalization, which is opening up new ways to deliver education and to work.

These trends challenge both the universities and their professors. Education and Research are being redefined and attitudes as well as actions of important stakeholders are changing with significant consequences in some countries.

How are universities reacting to this? What will the HEI and Research Sector look like in 2040? How does the scientific profession change? What happens with teaching, research, social interaction and leadership?  Human capital and knowledge is what universities are about. How are universities organising and preparing their staff for the future?  Are competitive packages for recruits, diversification of academic skills and careers, new talent management, dual appointments and affiliations, results based salaries and monitoring of success rates the right solutions? What is the role of strengthening of professional leadership and management skills in all this? 

In this Conference, hosted by the Freie Universität Berlin, HUMANE is offering a forum for better understanding and discussing how HEIs address these issues, define their HR strategies and management for the future. And all that with HUMANE’s typical diverse European overview.



  • Simon Laver, Founding Partner, Perrett and Laver (UK)
  • Sinead Gibney, Consultant, Perrett and Laver (UK)
  • Ingo Rollwagen, Member of the Advisory Board,  Fraunhofer Academy (DE)
  • Deborah Roseveare, Head - Skills beyond School Division, OECD (FR)
  • Stefano Paleari, Rector, Università degli Studi di Bergamo (IT)
  • Marion Stolp, Director of Human Resources, University of Groningen (NL)
  • Dicky Tamminga, Talent Development and Leadership Programme Leader, University of Groningen (NL)
  • Katrien Maes, Chief Policy Officer, LERU (BE)
  • Doris Klee, Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development, RWTH Aachen University (DE)
  • Cécile Chicoye, Director General of Administration, University of Toulouse 1 Capitole (FR)
  • Marianna Bom, Chief Financial Officer, Aalto University (FI)
  • Nicola Owen, Chief Administrative Officer, Lancaster University (UK)
  • Alojzy Nowak, Vice-Rector for Research and Liaison,  University of Warsaw (PL)

The Conference Chair:

  • Paul Jankowitsch, Vice – Rector for Finance, Vienna University of Technology and Chairman of the Board of RESAVER – the pan-European pension fund for European Research Institutions, Brussels (AT)